Back-to-School Wellness Kit

Natural home remedies for day-to-day ailments.
Back-to-School Wellness Kit
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Allergies/Sinus Problems
MUST-HAVES Neti Pot, stinging nettle

A Neti Pot (see "Cold/Flu") is effective for sinus problems. According to 2002 and 2005 studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a saline wash for those with chronic sinus problems decreased congestion and sinus headaches, as well as the need for nasal sprays and antibiotics.

For allergy symptoms like itching eyes, runny nose, and congested sinuses, Kristen Burris, L.Ac., founder and director of American Acupuncture Center in Poway, Calif., recommends stinging nettle, a plant containing compounds that inhibit histamines. Dosages vary from supplement to supplement, so follow the directions on the label.