50 Ways to Find Joy

Simple, health-boosting pleasures you can enjoy anytime.
50 Ways to Find Joy
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41 Personalize gifts. Whenever you buy a book or frame a picture for someone else, write a kind note to the recipient on the flap or the back.

42 Honor your appetite. Eat no snacks today. When dinnertime comes, you'll truly appreciate the tastes, smells, and textures of your meal.

43 Learn elementary botany. Buy a book to show you how to differentiate between types of evergreens and deciduous trees. When you recognize all the trees in your neighborhood, you'll feel closer to nature.

44 Answer slowly. Take a deep breath before responding to a question from anyone, whether it's your boss, your mother, or your lover. Chances are you'll say something smarter (and kinder).

45 See the sun daily. The sun's rays may encourage your body to produce natural chemicals that induce joy.

46 Do the Twist. This dance style is fun, silly, and easy, and it will make you laugh.

47 Bake cookies. And bring them to work.

48 Get active instead of watching TV. Exercise that increases your heartbeat improves your mood. Those benefits apply to the whole family. So instead of watching a video, jump rope with your kids or chase them around a playground.

49 Make time to prioritize. If you have three nonstop days in a row, take one hour on the fourth day to list all your obligations, and then eliminate the least important tasks. Even if your load is still heavy, you'll feel in much greater control.

50 Throw a theme party. Invite friends over to a "blue dinner" (blue corn chips and salsa, blue potato gratin, blueberry pie) or any fete of your own creation. Themes put guests at ease and are fun to plan.