50 Ways to Find Joy

Simple, health-boosting pleasures you can enjoy anytime.
50 Ways to Find Joy
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21 Play Jeopardy. Watch a game show with your spouse, your kids, or your best friend. Yell out whatever answers come to mind. Laugh when you're right, and laugh when you're wrong.

22 Day trip. Wake up at 5:30 one weekend morning to commune with nature, whether you climb a mountain or walk a shoreline. Enjoy the thrill of breathing fresh outdoor air all day long.

23 Sleep in. Allow yourself at least one lazy weekend morning a month.

24 Take a detour. Stray from your usual route. Be stimulated by new neighborhoods and people, and appreciate the challenge of finding your way home.

25 Bear gifts. Keep little presents like scented candles or homemade jams on hand. Offer them to friends for no reason in particular. When you give to others, the world seems more generous.

26 Jump for joy. Literally. Hopping up and down in place for 30 seconds infuses you with energy and youthful vigor. (It also strengthens your bones.)

27 Make a joyful book. Fill a small album with photos and stories that evoke your happiest memories.

28 Plan a picnic. Call some friends and then pack fresh fruit, sandwiches, and maybe a bottle of wine. While away the afternoon under the shade of a tree.

29 Play the game "New or Good." At the end of each day, ask your partner to tell you about one new or good experience. Then offer your own response. Maybe you noticed blooming roses or a bluebird in your backyard, or your cranky neighbor smiled.

30 Learn how to use a tool. Grind whole spices in a mortar with a pestle, find Saturn's rings with a telescope, or cut wood shelves with a circular saw. Feel good about your competence.