10 Ways to Go Natural

Eat a little less in the a.m., pop some zinc, buy some plants, and more.

10 Ways to Go Natural
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1. Sop up your sweat smarter There’s nothing like slipping and sliding on your mat to ruin a hot yoga class. To the rescue: Manduka’s eQua Plus Towel, which is made using coconut fibers that spread and evaporate moisture (for quick drying) and eliminate bacteria (read: less stink!). $48;

2. Get a teen to go green Know a 15- to 22-year-old girl who could use an eco-makeover? Tell her to check out Teens Turning Green (teensturning, a 30-day challenge to see who can make the biggest strides greening her diet and lifestyle routines.

3. Eat a little less in the a.m. Turns out a big meal isn’t the breakfast of (weight-loss) champions: A new study found it simply adds to the number of daily calories we consume.

4. Put plants in your office Research shows that a little greenery boosts creativity and production in the workplace while decreasing stress. Plants can even help to keep you focused by absorbing distracting noises.

5. Cut yourself some slack if you can’t squeeze into those jeans A new study found that people with high levels of self-compassion (more love, less lecturing) are at much lower risk for anxiety and depression. Self-kindness can even influence how much we eat, and may help us lose weight. So next time you start beating yourself up, stop! And remember that if you love your body, it will love you back.