Green Living

Turn on the Tap

Turn on the Tap Drinking water straight from the faucet is safe, healthy, and good for the planet.

Queen of Green

Queen of Green Eco expert Sara Snow has a mission: to show families that saving energy is fun and easy.

Green Guru

Green Guru Eco-designer Danny Seo decorates his country cottage with all-natural materials. Learn how you...

Living the Green Life

Living the Green Life In Hollywood, it's suddenly hip to be eco-friendly, but Emmy-nominated actor Ed Begley Jr. has...

Smudging 101

Smudging 101 Embrace a Native American tradition and add serenity to your home.

Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips You can make your own nutrient-rich mulch by composting vegetable peels and other leftovers.

Soup's On

Soup's On Volunteer at a soup kitchen and you'll bond with your community and never take food for granted...

Fuel for Thought

Fuel for Thought Grill smoke contains particulates that pollute the air. Choose a grilling method that leaves the...

Bee Grateful

Bee Grateful Proceeds from this paraffin-free candle by VERIS go to honeybee research.