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Money and Your Health

Exploring your attitudes toward money can be the first step in making personal and global transformations.
Money and Your Health
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What's your money type?
Deborah Price, author of Money Magic: Unleashing Your True Potential for Prosperity and Fulfillment, says there are several basic styles of dealing with money. Recognizing your "money type" is the first step toward changing your financial future. While most money types have their strengths and weaknesses, the ideal that you should aspire to is The Magician.

The Magician: spiritual, wise, conscious, vibrant, trusting, generous, loving, fluid, powerful, optimistic, confident, compassionate, detached, open to flow, financially balanced; lives in the present, transforms reality, tells the truth.

The Innocent: trusting, indecisive, financially dependent, nonconfrontational, happy-go-lucky on the outside but fearful or anxious on the inside; feels powerless, represses feelings and beliefs, seeks security.

The Warrior: driven, powerful, competitive, disciplined, loyal, goal-oriented, financially successful, confident, calculating, generous, wise, discerning; a rescuer.

The Victim: highly emotional (melancholy or angry), financially irresponsible, resentful, unforgiving, addictive; blames others, lives in the past, seeks rescuing, lives out self-fulfilling prophecies, feels powerless.

The Martyr: self-sacrificing, controlling, manipulative, secretive, long-suffering, critical, disappointed, resentful, passive-aggressive, compassionate, wise; a perfectionist, a caretaker.

The Tyrant: secretive, rigid, controlling, fearful, manipulative, critical, aggressive, prone to rage or violence, oppressive, unforgiving, highly materialistic.

The Fool: impetuous, restless, undisciplined, financially irresponsible, optimistic, overly generous, carefree, adventurous; lives for today.

The Creative: highly artistic and/or spiritual, passive, nonmaterialistic, internally motivated, detached; a loner, a truth-seeker.