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Money and Your Health

Exploring your attitudes toward money can be the first step in making personal and global transformations.
Money and Your Health
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Strategy and change
So where do we begin? Price tells clients to write a "money biography," a personal history that documents their experiences with money from childhood to the present. Another tool she utilizes is a "life inventory," an overall net-worth statement.

According to Price's clients, this can spark change. "The biography and other exercises help you see what qualities you're not paying attention to," says Vivian Nast Faulkner, a stained-glass artist in Kansas City, Kan. Faulkner had always had trouble putting a price on her work, she says, "because I wasn't including myself in the financial equation." Working with a money coach helped her to discover her inner assets—she's a quick learner, for example, and she has a talent for recognizing opportunity—and to raise her prices to match the going rates.

Another client, Lisa Bady of Novato, Calif., wanted to expand her business, a puppet theater, but she "couldn't see beyond my limits" to do it. "It is absolutely necessary and a huge relief to be able to talk about money and business issues as well as the feelings they bring up," says Bady, who is about to hire her second employee. "I'm making major changes, and I'm not afraid of being afraid. That freedom gives me the power to make these changes."