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Smart Gardening

Actress Amy Smart is plotting to improve your yard.

Smart Gardening
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Amy Smart has a garden nestled in the Los Angeles foothills that she calls “her sanctuary.” It’s a romantic fairy tale escape not far from the bustle of the city, where aromatic flowers like jasmine and roses, as well as fragrant herbs such as lavender, rosemary and thyme, mingle with citrus trees. “I feel so grounded and filled with love there,” says the actress best known for her roles in The Butterfly Effect and Just Friends. “I love to wake up, go outside, fill the bird feeders, meditate, pick an orange and play with my dog, Oscar.”

For Smart, the simplicity of enjoying time in the garden comes naturally. Inspired by a bucolic childhood in Topanga Canyon, Calif., she wanted to create an oasis where she could get her Zen on by pruning and appreciate the wonder of watching an organic seed grow into an intoxicating flower. “I grew up in the mountains surrounded by trees,” she explains. “We had snakes in our backyard and coyotes howling at night. I learned early that wildlife is exhilarating and sacred.”

Her love for the ocean and Southern California mountains also inspires her environmental activism. But Smart does not tweet, blog or use Facebook. She isn’t looking to develop a national platform to promote her environmental agenda. In fact, she admits reaching so many people directly would intimidate her. “It sounds silly and scary to me to create that kind of fan base,” she says. “I know I could probably use those things in a positive way, but I just feel more comfortable working on a grassroots level.”