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Feng Shui Your Home

Clear out clutter and bad energy with our easy feng shui decorating tips.
Feng Shui Your Home
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feng shui your BEDROOM
Rearrange your bed. Place your bed against a solid wall; putting it directly under a window can cause restless sleep, says Barrett. A headboard will also help you feel grounded. Position your bed so your feet aren’t facing the door (“this makes qi crash into your bed, which can disturb your sleep,” warns Yap).
Check your mattress. “Energy seeps into mattresses,” says Barrett. “If you’ve been through an illness or ended a relationship, your mattress is holding onto that energy.” For an affordable fix, leave your mattress outdoors in direct sunlight for eight hours to cleanse it. Then wave sandalwood incense (thought to expel negative energy) over it for a few minutes before returning it to your room.
Use mirrors sparingly. Mirrors stimulate and speed up energy, so any in the bedroom could lead to bad dreams, says Barrett. While it’s not necessary to remove all mirrors, any facing your bed should be covered with a scarf or silk fabric before you tuck in for the night.
Double up on décor. To attract love or nurture romantic relationships, Barrett suggests pairing up pieces of bedroom décor, like candles, photos, and nightstands. “Having things in twos helps strengthen a couple’s energy,” she says.
Get rid of gadgets. “Everything from iPods to computers makes it hard to relax and revitalize, because they interfere with your ability to access energy,” says Towne. If you need to keep some electronics in your room, enclose them in an armoire or cabinet you can shut while you sleep, suggests Barrett.

SHE TRIED IT! Lisa Holcombe, a writer in Los Angeles, hired a feng shui consultant after moving into a new home in a housing development. “Our bedroom had a huge archway into the bathroom, which meant that our bed faced the mirrors over the bathroom sink,” says Holcombe, who had trouble falling asleep in the room. After placing sheer fabric over the archway to block the refl ection and decorating the bedroom in soothing violet hues, Holcombe began to sleep more soundly.

To achieve optimal flow of energy throughout your home, you need to harmonize the five elements: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Here’s how to harness their unique benefits.

Attributes: Strength, growth, prosperity
Effects on other elements: Feeds fire, weakens earth
How to harness it: Plants, wooden furniture
Most needed in: Office

Attributes: Passion, heat, enthusiasm
Effects on other elements: Feeds earth, weakens metal
How to harness it: Candles, fireplaces, red décor, oil lamps
Most needed in: Bedroom, living room

Attributes: Stability, patience
Effects on other elements: Feeds metal, weakens fire
How to harness it: Ceramic vases, pottery, stones
Most needed in: Bathroom

Attributes: Organization, protection
Effects on other elements: Feeds water, weakens wood
How to harness it: Objects made from brass, silver, gold, pewter, or steel
Most needed in: Kitchen, storage room

Attributes: Prosperity, wisdom, communication
Effects on other elements: Feeds wood, weakens fire
How to harness it: Aquariums, fountains
Most needed in: Entryway