Revitalize Your Home

Revitalize Your Home
feng shui your KITCHEN
Separate your sink & stove. Your sink and stove should be spaced at least one foot apart; otherwise, you’ll trigger “fire-water clash,” in which the water energy snuffs out crucial fire energy, according to Yap. If you can’t move your stove, attach a small convex mirror to it (with the reflective side facing the sink) to ward off water energy, says Barrett.
Use your burners wisely. If your kitchen—and therefore your stove—sits at the center of your home, tone down the fire energy by setting a teapot, vase, or water-filled glass bowl near your stovetop. Otherwise, play up the fire energy (which represents money) by arranging mirrors to reflect the stove’s burners, suggests Barrett.
Add vibrant décor. As your home’s center of nourishment, the kitchen should be adorned with décor that suggests sustenance and vitality. “Fill a bowl with fresh fruit or hang art that relates to food and celebration,” says Towne. Pick kitchenware in colors that appeal to you; if you need to improve your health and nutrition, try yellows or golds, suggests Towne.
Keep countertops clear. Bring peace to your cooking and eating by clearing your countertops of supplies like measuring cups and spices (store everything in your cabinets), suggests Barrett. “And try not to leave dishes in the sink—they can cause energy to stagnate,” says Towne.
Introduce plants. To soften sharp edges on your kitchen countertops or appliances (said to disturb the room’s energy flow), place a few plants around the room. “Plants are a great way to harmonize energy in any space,” says Barrett. “Just make sure they’re healthy, with leaves that are rounded (not spiky or pointy).”

SHE TRIED IT! While working with a couple who’d struggled to lose weight, Kathryn Weber, a feng shui consultant in Cuero, Texas, suggested they swap out their red tableware (said to stimulate appetite) for dishes in more calming colors. “The kitchen is associated with fire, so bringing in water colors can balance the room’s energy,” explains Weber. She also had them hang a curtain to obscure the view of the kitchen from the living room. Three months later, the couple had lost a combined weight of 50 pounds. “They were motivated by the idea that layout and décor could affect their weight,” Weber says.