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Feng Shui Your Home

Clear out clutter and bad energy with our easy feng shui decorating tips.
Feng Shui Your Home
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feng shui your BATHROOM
Cover the drains. “Qi likes to escape down drains,” says Towne. To hold it in, place rocks or flower petals over your bathtub and sink drains when not in use, or hang crystals near them to draw energy upward. Mirrors also help circulate energy in the bathroom. Always keep the door shut or hang a mirror next to it to keep drains from sapping the rest of your home’s energy.
Close off the toilet. Your toilet pulls a great amount of water (said to represent prosperity) away from your home. Barrett recommends leaving the seat down whenever the toilet’s not in use.
Embrace the elements. Towne recommends introducing wood and earth to the bathroom to help balance out the water energy and create a serene environment. “Place a few plants around the room so the water energy can support growth,” he suggests. And install a wooden towel rack or toilet seat.
Let the light in. Fresh air and natural light invigorate the bathroom while staving off dampness and mold. If your bathroom has no windows, air the room out with fans and place lamps in dark corners. “Bathrooms with no natural light also benefit from bright colors such as orange or pink,” notes Towne.
Accessorize with fabrics. Many construction materials found in your bathroom—such as marble, chrome, and tile—hold a lot of yang (or masculine) energy. To offset that yang with yin (or feminine) energy, Barrett encourages hanging shower curtains and window treatments made of lush fabrics in soft colors like lavender and seafoam green.

SHE TRIED IT! After working with a feng shui consultant, Cathy Lloyd, a massage therapist in Cary, N.C., began keeping the bathroom door shut at all times. “Soon after, my husband, who was working at a start-up communications company, and my teenage son, who builds computers, both experienced growth and stability with their businesses,” says Lloyd.