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Model For Change

Model Angela Lindvall talks about maintaining balance, raising eco-minded kids and why rituals matter.

Model For Change
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Besides being a top fashion model, Angela Lindvall is also an ardent environmentalist: She started The Collage Foundation ( 12 years ago to bring eco-issues to the mainstream. She hopes the increased exposure as the host of Lifetime’s Project Runway All Stars will give her a platform to further raise awareness—as well as the chance to share with others her healthy habits.

Q: What causes are important to you?
A: Through The Collage Foundation, I work with the Rockland Farm Alliance, which promotes sustainable agriculture on a local level. It’s an alliance of farmers, and an organization that helps to establish community farms. I’m also on the founding board of Clean By Design, an initiative of the Natural Resources Defense Council. We are hoping to put pressure on the manufacturing end of the global fashion industry to improve textile manufacturing and reduce waste.

Q: What role does exercise play in your life?
A: My yoga instructor told me that the key to youth is a flexible spine. So, I try to stay active and flexible. I also do tae kwon do twice a week and I’ve recently been very inspired by kundalini yoga—so much so that I signed up for teacher training. I like the mind, body and spirit elements of these disciplines.

Q: What’s your diet like?
A: I eat about 80 percent vegetarian. I do eat meat, but I’m very opposed to factory farming of animals, so I seek out high-quality practices and sources; for instance, I stick with grass-fed beef and free-range chicken. I’m obsessed with organic farming and local agriculture and eating in season. I even grow some of my own vegetables and fruits.

Q: How does a natural lifestyle play into how you raise your sons (Dakota, 9, and Sebastian, 6)?
A: We live on 7 acres in Los Angeles, so my kids are very connected to nature and the environment. We compost, and I’ve raised them to appreciate the food they’re eating. I really try to hold true to sitting down as a family every evening, putting out place mats, getting out the glassware, lighting a candle and making a ritual out of eating and acknowledging where our food has come from.

Q: How do you maintain such a healthy focus while juggling the demands of being a working mom?
A: I think a lot of women struggle with balance: We can get so bogged down with our responsibilities, our to-do lists or things that are worrying us. It’s really up to us to cultivate our time and look at where we invest our energy. For me, it’s very important to connect with nature and spend time meditating. Or, when I’m really exhausted, I take a bath—and ask my boys not to bother me.

Angela Lindvall’s Top 5 tips for healthy living
1. Embrace life “I really focus on the presence of a new day and have gratitude for being alive.”
2. Pay attention “Happiness and magic exist all around us. It’s really about whether we choose to tune into those positive experiences or not.”
3. Take time to unwind “For me, lighting a fire and putting on classical music is a great way to relax.”
4. Join in community “I’ve opened my home to share the space. My neighbors come here at 4:30 a.m. on Tuesdays to do a personal practice of kundalini yoga and chanting.”
5. Meditate “When I travel, meditation is so helpful because you can take it with you everywhere.”