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Christy Turlington Burns talks about the challenges of being a working mom and why headstands help her think.

A-List Advocate
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Q: Did the experience teach you anything new about yourself?
: Running a marathon was a reaffirmation of what I can handle. Natural childbirth taught me that I could really do anything. In retrospect, giving birth naturally was the best preparation for a marathon. As physical acts, they are very like one another. It’s nice to check in with yourself every now and again to see how far you can push yourself.

Q: How do you balance work and parenting?
: The word balance is so overused. It’s more about integration. You’re not just a mom or a wife or a professional person. You’re all of those things. The word balance depicts a constant give and take. But, in my experience as a working mom, all those roles really have to live together at the same time.

5 Tips for Healthy Living
1. Embrace quiet
I don’t take music with me when I run. I enjoy the silence and solitude.
2. Challenge yourself I’ve practiced kundalini, ashtanga, Iyengar and anusara yoga. It’s important to continue to learn new things and not become complacent in whatever you do.
3. Make time to exercise If I don’t keep my body moving, I have a harder time sleeping and taking care of myself.
4. Practice your poses Yoga gives you so much more than a physical workout; you also get the benefits of a spiritual and mental practice.
5. Do as I do As parents, we are the leading example for our children of how to be in the world. I want my kids to see that it’s important to make helping other people a priority.