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Improve Your Life With Plants

Arrange your houseplants according to the principles of feng shui and you'll bring good fortune into your life.

Improve Your Life With Plants
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How you decorate your house (including how you arrange your houseplants) can affect your fortune, according to feng shui, a traditional Chinese belief system and decorating philosophy. To ensure good fortune, place your plants with these tips in mind.

For luck: Place any red flowering plant to the left of the front entryway (as you look at it with your back to the street). Red is considered the luckiest color in feng shui.

For love: Arrange two pink roses (all thorns removed) in any white vase, and position it in the back right-hand corner of your living room (the space that holds the "romance" energies of your home). Change the roses every nine days a total of three times; after 27 days, romance should be blooming.

For work: Place a sunflower (or a picture of a sunflower) in the back center of your office (this is the "fame" area). The symbol of the stem reaching for the sun will boost your profile at work-suddenly everyone will think you shine.

For wealth: Place a purple (the color of emperors and kings) orchid in the center of your dining room table. (The dining room is considered the seat of abundance in your home.)

For health: Add some green houseplants to your living space. (Green symbolizes both longevity and endurance.) If you are recovering from an illness, place a plant in your bedroom. If you want to feel healthier overall, put the plant somewhere in the center of your house-this is where energy is most at home.

Feng shui expert Ellen Whitehurst is the author of Make This Your Lucky Day (Ballantine, 2007)