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How to "Green" Your Next Party

Add some flair to your next gathering with these eco-friendly decorating ideas.

How to "Green" Your Next Party
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Your guests will be intrigued and impressed when you showcase these party favors. Excerpted from Simply Green Parties (Collins, 2006) by Danny Seo, they lend your party a personal touch and can be made with items you have around the house.


Recycled Compact Invitations
Use old makeup compacts or ring boxes to make these pretty invitations, which are a welcome change from store-bought or emailed ones.


Used makeup compacts, thoroughly cleaned
2-inch hole puncher
Decorative paper
Double-stick tape or glue
Grosgrain ribbon


Using the hole puncher, punch out circles from scraps of wrapping or other decorative paper and glue the circles inside the compacts or boxes—on both the top and bottom. Attach a 6-inch piece of matching grosgrain ribbon with tape or glue to the inside of the compact or box and glue a photo of the guest of honor and party details to the ribbon. Fold the ribbon upon itself and close the compact shut.


Tip: Clean the compacts thoroughly using very hot water in the kitchen sink to melt the makeup away. Scrub any remaining makeup with dish soap and a sponge, and use a cotton towel to dry them.




Rock Place Cards
Why spend money at the card store on throwaway place cards when you can make your own in seconds?


Collect some smooth stones from your yard or the park, and write or stencil your guests' names directly on them. Arrange the stones with colorful leaves underneath them to continue the outdoors theme. When the party is over, wipe off the names and return the stones to where you found them.


Tip: If you have out-of-town guests, consider having them sign their rock place cards, including the date and a sweet message. Save these rocks in a large apothecary jar, which you can add to whenever you have a visitor.