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Give Back to Nature

Get involved in your community—and celebrate Earth and Arbor Day—with these volunteer opportunities.

Give Back to Nature
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1. PICK UP TRASH. Every year from March 1 to May 31, Keep America Beautiful sponsors the Great American Cleanup, which involves collecting litter from streets, highways, and parks and refurbishing community spaces like playgrounds. To join an event in your area, visit

2. PLANT A TREE. This Arbor Day (April 24), organized tree plantings will take place in 13 cities across the country, including Portland, Ore.; Detroit; and Miami. (For information, see If you don’t have time to plant a tree, you can help the U.S. Forest Service and the National Audubon Society in their continuing efforts to reforest our National Forests (currently, there's a backlog of more than one million acres of national forest that needs to be replanted) by making a donation at (Just $15 buys 15 trees.)

3. PULL WEEDS. Invasive weed species can threaten the health of native plants. Do your part by signing up for a “work party,” a popular Earth Day volunteer activity organized by the Nature Conservancy ( that involves weeding and other tasks.