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Transform your bedroom into an oasis of serenity and sleep more soundly.
Dream Haven
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9. Modify the Mattress
"The bed is where you go to spend your key rejuvenating time—it's where you wipe the slate clean," Thompson says. But do you know what's underneath you?

A typical foam mattress is made from petrochemical derivatives with fire retardants and other chemicals added, all of which can be absorbed through the skin. Thompson prefers mattresses made of organic cotton, pure grown wool, or natural rubber. Try Janice's Superior Organic Cotton Mattress ($1,495 for queen-sized; or Lifekind's Natural Rubber Mattress ($1,595 queen; If you're not ready for such a major purchase, place a barrier cloth (available from Janice's; queen-sized organic barrier, $269.95, or organic cover, $189.95) over your existing mattress. "It will give you a layer of natural fibers, which is more comfortable and helps you sleep better," says Dadd.

10. Remake Your Bed
When shopping for new bedding, look for 100 percent natural fibers--ideally organic cotton or organic hemp—at retailers like Gaiam (, Coyuchi (, and To avoid chemically treated linens, make sure your purchases aren't labeled "permanent press," advises Dadd. "If you shop at stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond, the kinds of sheets that are untreated will be the jersey and flannel sheets," she adds. For colors, opt for soothing shades like sage green and powder blue, says Levitt.

Even the purest fabrics expose you to chemicals if you launder them in perfumed detergents. "Commercial 'fragrances' represent anywhere from 10 to a few hundred chemicals, many of which have never been tested on humans," says Thompson. "If you're washing your bedding with fragranced detergents and drying them with fragranced dryer sheets every week, you're going to be sleeping on another layer of chemicals all night."

Clean your linens "the old-fashioned way, with baking soda or vinegar," suggests Thompson. Or select detergents that are fragrance-free or have natural ingredients like orange peel. Try Bi-O-Kleen Premium Plus Laundry Powder ($11.71 for 5 pounds at