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The Cheapskate’s Guide To A Greener Home

The best place to start making a difference is in your own backyard!

The Cheapskate’s Guide To A Greener Home
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22.Purify your air. Naturally remove odors, bacteria, allergens, mold and mildew from your closet or car with the MOSO Natural Air Purifying Bag ($10; biggreenearthstore .com). This fragrance-free sack clears the air for months; stick it in the sun for a day to rejuvenate its air-purifying power.
23.Green your cookware. You know the hazards of Teflon when it flakes off your pots and pans and into your food. Opt for 100 percent ceramic skillets, woks, saucepans and bakeware or old-fashioned cast-iron cookware.
24.Ditch it. Take out the trash in a biodegradable bag. Plastic garbage bags are often made using petroleum—and end up staying in the landfi ll long after your waste has disintegrated. Swap your go-to brand for biodegradable garbage bags.
25.Play with your lighting. You won’t have to constantly adjust your thermostat if you simply pinpoint the most sun-drenched spots in your house. In colder temps, open the blinds on windows that face the sun during the day; when it’s warmer out, keep those blinds closed.
26.Hook your home office electronics into one power strip. Home offices are a huge energy drain because they’re a hot spot for electronics—and ones that stay on all day. Plug everything—your computer, phone, mini fridge, you name it—into one strip so you can turn everything off when you’re done working.
27.Go on a backpacking trip. That’s right—take a cheap vacation by packing everything you really need for a weekend in one bag that you have to carry around on your back. It’ll help you see what’s really essential—and what’s not—when you’re back home so you can start forgoing some of your energy-draining creature comforts.
28.Shop at your local farmers market. It’ll inspire you to bring your own bags, buy food that doesn’t come in a package and not contribute to the thousands of “food miles” we create by purchasing food from afar.