Best Green Companies

Natural Health Conscious Choice Awards

At Natural Health we support companies that do good in the world either by improving labor relations, using safer materials or healthier ingredients, or reducing their impact on the environment.

Natural Health Conscious Choice Awards
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1 FOOD GIANT Hain Celestial Group

This well–known brand markets more than 3,000 organic and natural products.
Why it's green: Hain Celestial sources ingredients sustainably. Chamomile used in Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime tea, for instance, comes from family–owned farms in Egypt that the company has worked with for 30–plus years. In addition, Hain Celestial is making its packaging less wasteful. Its Imagine organic soups come in recyclable Tetra Pak cartons made out of paper from responsibly managed forests.
Products we love: Terra brand chips are a favorite in our editorial offices, and we also like snacking on caramel–flavored Hain rice cakes. (hain–

2 DAIRY BRAND Organic Valley
A cooperative of 1,205 family–owned farms, Organic Valley is helping to preserve America's agricultural traditions.
Why it's green: Organic Valley's co–op structure allows its members to compete with big brands, which means you'll find the company's dairy products, eggs, produce, and meat at major grocery stores like Publix and Whole Foods Markets. Founder George Siemon helped write the USDA organic standards.
Products we love: Organic Valley's milk comes from cows that graze on pasture, and its limited edition Pasture Butter is naturally sweet. (

3 ECO–FISH SUPPLIER Henry & Lisa's
Henry & Lisa's Natural Seafood (sold at Whole Foods Markets) offers healthy, sustainable fish.
Why it's green: Henry & Lisa's sources environmentally sound seafood from small fishing communities and has it tested by an independent lab for mercury and other pollutants.
Products we love: Its frozen Celebrity Chef Entrees and Wild Alaskan Fish Nuggets emerge from the oven fresh and light, thanks to careful vacuum–sealing. (