Best Green Companies

Natural Health Conscious Choice Awards

At Natural Health we support companies that do good in the world either by improving labor relations, using safer materials or healthier ingredients, or reducing their impact on the environment.

Natural Health Conscious Choice Awards
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Each month, we recognize one of these businesses with our Conscious Choice award . This year, we expanded the concept to recognize large and small companies alike that are leading the way in making the world a better place. We hope you'll seek them out the next time you're at the grocery or health food store or your local mall.


This global flooring business proves that being sustainable can also be profitable.
Why it's green: Every InterfaceFLOR product is recyclable, and seven of the company's factories run on wind power. It has pledged to eliminate all waste (such as scrap yarn) by 2020.
Products we love: FLOR carpet tiles allow you to pop out and replace squares that become worn or stained—rather than install a whole new carpet if a section gets damaged. (

This innovative company brings together recycled materials and great design.
Why it's green: Recycline makes home goods out of recycled no. 5 plastic and post–consumer paper. And it closes the loop: You can send back its toothbrushes (crafted out of plastic yogurt cups) when you're done; they get turned into picnic tables.
Products we love: Items from the Preserve kitchen line (sold at Whole Foods Markets) include colorful, ding–resistant colanders and slate—like cutting boards that are coated in vegetable resin so they stand up to sharp knives— and the dishwasher. (

3 BEDDING BRAND Under the Canopy
Founded by eco–entrepreneur Marci Zaroff, Under the Canopy is chic and planet–friendly.
Why it's green: Under the Canopy uses organic cotton, which keeps vast amounts of pesticides out of the air and water. The company has partnered with big brands like Macy's and CB2, so it's easier than ever to find organic linens.
Products we love: Duvets are decorated with embroidery and graphic prints; towels (shown, in bark) are ultra–soft. (