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Gluten-Free Dog Treats

Indulge your pooch with Cloud Star Tender Jerky Strips.

Gluten-Free Dog Treats
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Natural pet food company Cloud Star uses human-quality, USDA-approved meat to make its new Tender Jerky Strips ($5;; during the development process, it fed the treats (made with slow-baked chicken, pork, or beef and no wheat, corn, by-products, or artificial colors or flavors) to a canine tasting panel for feedback. “We test on animals,” jokes co-founder Jennifer Melton.

I don’t have a dog of my own, so I tried them out on Jackie, my landlord’s sweet and somewhat shy Jack Russell terrier. She sniffed the jerky strip momentarily before chomping the whole thing down in seconds (luckily, the strips are easy to chew and digest, so there’s little risk of choking). Then she stared intently at the bag until I caved and gave her a second one.

The next morning when I opened my door to leave for work, there was Jackie, sitting and waiting for another jerky strip. She pushed past me and headed straight for the bag on my shelf. Knowing the treats were high-quality, I wasn’t worried about Jackie’s addiction, but I was starting to feel like a treat-dispensing machine, so I handed the bag over to my landlord.

If Jackie’s enthusiasm is any indication, Cloud Star’s jerky strips are a wholesome way to spoil a deserving pet. Just make sure you buy more than one bag.