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Eco-Chic Pet Treats

Reward your pet with these all-natural accessories.

Eco-Chic Pet Treats
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A good pet deserves praise and love-and a few indulgences. Make each treat count with these natural, eco-friendly toys and gifts.

Rescue Tonic
Settle the nerves of your frazzled feline or peppy pup with Calm Down ($25 for 2 oz.;, an organic herbal tincture that includes valerian, chamomile, and ginkgo. Check with your vet before trying it out.

Kitty Grass
Give kitty her very own plot of pesticide-free sod to munch on (Kitty's Garden, $10; Wheatgrass is full of chlorophyll, enzymes, antioxidants, and minerals, helping with digestion and hair balls-and most cats adore it.

Hemp Leash
Keep your pup in line with a leash, collar, or harness made of hemp fibers (a sustainable material)-in eight vibrant colors ($22 and up;

Calming Tunes
Instead of playing the radio or TV for your animal friend while you're out, put this CD series (Pet Music CD, $15; on repeat: Its mellow tunes promise to "alleviate pet stress and separation anxiety" with a combination of instrumentals and nature sounds.

Organic Catnip
It's fun watching your cat get "nipped." But it's even better to watch him go nuts over the good, organic stuff-in the shape of veggies or seafood animals (Curious Cat Organic Catnip, $7 for three;