Act Natural

Photography by: Eric Cahan

How do you stay fit?
Well, I’d rather have my wisdom teeth pulled than go to a gym. My dosha [Ayurvedic body type] is vata, so working out needs to be fun, otherwise it’s not going to happen. What works for me is YogaHop: it combines traditional Vinyasa flow yoga with high-energy contemporary music. I do it almost every day, and I find myself looking forward to it. And I’ve become hip again with my teenage daughter because I actually know the words to rap songs. I also spend a lot of time outdoors.

Besides acting, what are some of your creative outlets?
Writing is my bliss, without a doubt. It connects me to something greater than myself. I’ve been doing some screenplay writing, I’ve written a pilot, and I’ve been working on a novel that I’m loving. I paint, too. If I don’t engage in some form of creativity every day, I feel a little disconnected from myself.

On screen, you always look sharp and well put together. What’s your style off set?
Whatever comes out of the wash without a stain (laughs). I put on clothes that delight my senses—I’m interested in color and texture and the way a fabric moves. I usually have a favorite piece for the season that I just live in. A lot of my clothes I’ve had for 20 years—I love to sew, so I’ll pull them out and revamp them. And when it comes to primping, I do as little as possible. I think low-maintenance is beautiful.

What’s your decorating philosophy?
I like things to feel lived-in and cozy. I prefer shopping vintage: If there’s a garage sale, I’m the first person there. Secondhand items have more character, and there isn’t any packaging waste.

In what ways are you and your family “green”?
We recycle and compost, and we renamed our kitchen trash can “landfill.” It’s made a difference in how much garbage we generate. I use eco-friendly cleaners in the house, but we’re a sloppy family, so it takes scrubbing to get out paint and beet juice.

Have you made your workplace more eco friendly?
I am the one-woman green team. After three years we finally have organic produce at our lunch station. My next goal is to use the fat from cooking to fuel the production vehicles.