Get Loose

Get Loose High heels can cause tight calves. Relax them with these four easy stretches.

Ease Your Neck

Ease Your Neck These 4 exercises help stave off stiffness and keep muscles strong, flexible, and pain free.

Journey to the Center

Journey to the Center Pilates helps you redefine your very core, giving you physical control and emotional confidence.

Beach Body Pilates

Beach Body Pilates Hit the mat instead of the gym: These 6 do-anywhere Pilates moves tone your abs, hips, arms, butt...

The Forgotten Muscles

The Forgotten Muscles Strengthen your upper back and shoulders for a significant improvement in how you look and feel.

Qi Gong

Qi Gong Similar to t'ai chi, this "moving meditation" will improve your health, help eliminate stress and...

Fit for Fun

Fit for Fun Take the work out of your workout and put more play in your day.