The Magic of Yoga

The Magic of Yoga Turns out, the ancient practice helps you shed a lot more than just stress. Learn how striking a...

Sweat Check

Sweat Check Is money the ultimate exercise motivator? We explore the spendy trend.

Work It Out

Work It Out Exercise can make you feel better— when you pick the right workout.

The Yoga Rx

The Yoga Rx Put away your pills and strike a pose. These moves help ease back pain, indigestion and more.

Playground Workout

Playground Workout Head to the nearest playground and your workout routine will feel less...well, routine.

Warrior Yoga

Warrior Yoga When you're done, repeat the whole sequence, stepping back with your right leg into Warrior 1 Pose.

Running Revolution

Running Revolution Could these increasingly popular new training methods be your ticket to racing without pain?

The Power of Pilates

The Power of Pilates If you still haven’t joined the 8.5 million people who practice this popular training method, now...