Walk Off the Weight

5 ways to burn more calories while you walk.
Walk Off the Weight
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5. Carry a Load
Increased Calorie Burn: 4 to 7 percent more per walk
The heavier you are, the more energy it takes to move your body. So bringing extra weight on your walk helps you shed pounds. Jordan suggests using a backpack with padded shoulder straps and filling it with something soft, like magazines or paperback books, distributed evenly throughout the pack. Start light, with two to five pounds, and add more weight to your pack over time. Don't add more than 10 percent of your body weight at once, Jordan says. You don't want to strain your muscles or carry so much that it slows your pace; this cancels out the benefits. Jordan also recommends weighing your pack on the bathroom scale before each workout so you can accurately track how much weight you are carrying. Another option is to purchase a weighted vest designed for walking that allows you to increase the weight in either one-pound or half-pound increments.

* If you walk 30 minutes carrying no extra weight, you burn 136 calories.
* If you walk 30 minutes carrying 10 extra pounds, you burn 145 calories.