Walk Off the Weight

5 ways to burn more calories while you walk.
Walk Off the Weight
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3. Vary Your Pace
Increased Calorie Burn: 8 to 13 percent more per walk
Try alternating between a brisk pace and short periods at an even faster pace. (You should still be able to speak, but only a few breathless words.) You'll not only increase your calorie burn, but you'll also strengthen your cardiovascular system and become a faster walker over time, says Susan Johnson, Ed.D., director of continuing education at the Cooper Institute in Dallas and author of The Walking Handbook (Cooper Institute). Called interval training, it also adds variety to your walk. There are two ways to start. The easiest is the landmark method, Johnson says. If you walk in your neighborhood, try changing your pace at every other stop sign or park bench. If you walk on a track, walk one speed on the straightaways and another on the curves. The other option is using a watch to time yourself. Neporent suggests one minute fast followed by two minutes moderate, gradually working up to one minute fast for every one minute moderate.

* If you walk 30 minutes at a moderate but continous pace, you burn 136 calories.
* If you walk 30 minutes, switching to a faster pace 15 times, you burn 146 calories.