Walk Off the Weight

5 ways to burn more calories while you walk.
Walk Off the Weight
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4. Walk Up an Incline
Increased Calorie Burn: 50 percent more per walk
Another way to burn more calories is to add an incline or stairs to your walk. This not only increases your calorie expenditure but also tones the muscles in your buttocks and thighs because it demands more from your legs. Find a natural hill or use the stairs in a local park or stadium. You can also use a treadmill and adjust the incline. To get the calorie-burning benefits we mention here, you need to spend most of a 30-minute walk heading uphill. If your hill is small, you may need to climb it several times to achieve this benefit. Because hill walking can be hard on your knees and lower back, it's important to use proper form. Lean slightly forward from your hips and shorten your stride; this gives you the extra power you need to tackle a hill. Going downhill is even harder on your body than going uphill, so take controlled steps. Again, lean slightly forward, decrease your stride, and keep your knees bent. For really steep hills, Neporent recommends crisscrossing at an angle to reduce the strain on your muscles and joints.

* If you walk 30 minutes on a flat surface at 4 mph, you burn 136 calories.
* If you walk 30 minutes on a hill or stairs at 4 mph, you burn 205 calories.