Transform Your Walk

6 ways to transform a simple stroll into an effective fitness routine.
Transform Your Walk
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What's the best stride for maximum efficiency (and comfort)?
Walk with a slight forward lean, feet parallel, toes pointing straight ahead. Strike the ground heel first, foot flexed, without locking your knees. Keeping your hips centered under you, roll through the midfoot, pushing off the ball of your foot and using your legs to propel yourself forward. Continue to roll through as you transfer onto your other foot and take your next step. Swing your arms naturally by your sides or, to increase the intensity, bend your elbows to 90 degrees and drive them forward. Look straight ahead, glancing down from time to time to scan the terrain.
1. DO drive your elbows directly forward and back alongside your torso.
2. DON'T overstride (it's better to take quicker rather than longer steps).
3. DO keep your hips and shoulders squared and facing front.
4. DON'T sway your hips, swing your arms across your body's midline, or rotate your torso.