Stand Up—Right Now!

Stand Up—Right Now!
DO THIS: Walk to a colleague’s office. Calories burned: 60 in 15 minutes, if you maintain a brisk pace and carry paperwork.
NOT THAT: Call or e-mail.

DO THIS: Leave the office to meet a friend or eat outside. Calories burned: 100 for a leisurely pace.
NOT THAT: Eat at your desk.

DO THIS: Take the stairs. Calories burned: 12 per minute.
NOT THAT: Take the elevator.

DO THIS: Hold walking meetings in the park. Calories burned: 150, if walking at 1 mph.
NOT THAT: Hold a seated meeting at the conference table.

“When I sit at my computer, I bounce on an exercise ball instead of slouching
in a chair, and eat my lunch outside at a nearby park, which is about a mile’s
walk each way. Now that I work from home, I’m not self-conscious about using
stretching bands, jumping on a trampoline, or doing yoga poses at the computer.”
—Kate Trainor


DO THIS: Buy online only for items you can’t get locally. Calories burned: 100 per hour; more if you walk to the store and tote your own shopping bags in lieu of using the car and a grocery cart.
NOT THAT: Buy everything online.

DO THIS: Walk your dog. Calories burned: 200 an hour; 300 if you go for a run with your dog, depending on your pace.
NOT THAT: Hire a dog walker.

DO THIS: Walk or cycle with your children to school and activities. Calories burned: 500, even at a leisurely pace.
NOT THAT: Jump in the minivan.

“Commuting by bike [12 miles] is the main way I stay in shape. It completely
enriches my day. Even if I wake up in a bad mood, I always feel better by the
time I get to work. Biking lets me enjoy the trees, smells, and people much
more thoroughly.” —Lucy Nauta, massage therapist, Portland, Ore.

Follow these 10 steps for the ideal NEAT office.
1 Replace your chair with a treadmill or exercise ball. Levine collaborated with Details, an office furniture designer, to create the Walkstation, a treadmill equipped with an adjustable desk, computer monitor, and keypad. Its ergonomic design enables users to walk (up to 2 mph) while doing business, and burn 400 calories an hour. The company plans to debut a similar bike model soon.
2 Keep exercise equipment handy. Mini-sized steppers, exercise bikes, and trampolines are subtle and can be stowed.
3 Set an egg timer or alarm clock for 15- to 30-minute intervals. Every time it rings, move, stand, or stretch.
4 Use a pedometer. Set a goal of 10,000 steps per day.
5 Schedule time for e-mail. Designate three or four different times during the day to check your inbox.
6 Stand up from your chair or use a stepper while talking on the telephone or taking a break.
7 Prop your computer on a high desk or podium so you can stand or stretch while working.
8 Lift weights while working. Pump hand weights, water bottles, or bottles filled with sand while working at the computer, reading, or using the phone.
9 Wear headphones or an iPod. Music will get you moving, even if it’s just tapping your feet.
10 Stash a pair of comfortable shoes or sneakers under your desk and you’ll be more likely to stroll the office or walk at lunch.