Single Arm Reverse Fly

This simple strengthening move can help prevent shoulder injuries.

Single Arm Reverse Fly
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Single Arm Reverse Fly
Builds upper back strength, which helps support the rotator cuff.

You'll need: A chair or bench and exercise tubing (light to medium resistance, depending on your fitness level) with handles, like the JC All-Purpose Exercise Band ($25;

A. Stand with your left side facing either a chair or bench. Place one end of the exercise tube under your left foot and grab the other end with your right hand. Keep your right arm straight and let it hang comfortably in front of you, palm facing in. Place your left hand on the chair or bench for stability, and step your right leg behind you into a lunge, keeping your right knee slightly bent and your abs contracted. Make sure your left knee doesn't extend past your toes. Keeping your back straight and your chest lifted, lean forward from the waist about 45 degrees.

B. Raise your right arm straight out to your side until it is parallel to the floor, palm facing down. (Do not lift your arm higher than shoulder level.) Then lower your arm back to the starting position. Do 8 to 10 repetitions, then switch arms and legs to complete one set.
Do two to three sets.