Posture Perfect

Posture Perfect
POSITION YOUR FEET. Good posture starts with the feet. “Keep the outer edges of your feet straight and parallel to each other to prevent back pain and osteoarthritis in the knee or hip,” says Santiago.

STAND UP STRAIGHT. To ensure that your ankles, hips, shoulders, and ears are in line, stand with your back touching a wall, heels three inches away from the wall. “Only your tailbone, bra strap, shoulder blades, and head should touch the wall,” says Santiago.

ADJUST YOUR PELVIS. Your pelvis should be in line with your rib cage. To check, lie on the floor on your back. You should be able to just slide a hand in the space between your lower back and the floor. If you have more space than that, your pelvis is tilted. If you have less than that, it’s tucked.

1. FITBALL WEDGE ($30; helps encourage proper alignment when sitting by lifting your hips higher than your knees. The inflatable cushion is covered in massaging nodes that help boost your circulation.

2. OPEDIX V-NECK POSTURE SHIRT ($100; features compression bands that support your shoulder joints and open your chest, resulting in better posture and a more relaxed neck and back.

3. RESTORATIVE EXERCISE FOR SPINAL ALIGNMENT DVD & EXERCISE KIT ($25; includes a block, a strap, and info on how to use them to improve flexibility, core strength, breathing, and alignment.

4. YOGATOES BY YOGAPRO ($50; stretch and align your toes while releasing tension and increasing mobility of the feet. Wear them while sitting at the breakfast table or working at your desk.

5. THE BODY SHOP TOTAL BODY MASSAGER ($18; releases tension from the muscles that run alongside the spine. Use it on yourself or ask a partner for help (but be prepared to return the favor).