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Transform Your Life

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Transform Your Life
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What's the best way to make a difference in the quality of your life? The answer lies not with one-time actions, which offer temporary results, but with embracing the concept of long-term practice. Any discipline (playing a sport, learning a new language, utilizing a meditation) becomes a tool for growth when it's performed daily. Starting out, hitting plateaus, sticking with it and pushing forward--these steps all lead toward personal transformation.

Nobody understands the benefits of practice better than George Leonard, co-author of The Life We Are Given. Leonard, along with Esalen Institute co-founder Michael Murphy, developed Integral Transformative Practice, a pioneering program that streamlines practice for people with busy schedules. Each 40-minute ITP session integrates elements of hatha yoga, martial arts, stretching, progressive relaxation, visualization, meditation and affirmation.

ITP, tested for three years by the Stanford Center for Research in Disease Prevention, provided measurable gains in reaction time, short- and long-term memory, reasoning ability and global cognitive processing. This allowed participants to become more focused and better able to manifest their goals.

Make a commitment to use this daily practice as your own stepping stone to a healthier, happier life. There's one catch: Learning a new skill takes time, and there's no such thing as "instant enlightenment." We must put into practice what we wish to be. ITP is based on the kata--a pre-determined sequence that is, in a sense, a moving meditation. So take a deep breath, slow down, and get ready to embark on a life-altering journey!

The Eight IPT Commitments
Expand the experience of your practice by affirming your emotions, goals and connection to others.

These ITP commitments, which are based on George Leonard and Michael Murphy's classes, are simple suggestions to help you take your practice to the next level. Repeat them aloud before each session; once you make a statement of your intentions, it makes the process more real and personal.

1. I take full responsibility for my practice and all the transformations of my body and being that flow from it. I fully understand that I'm the final authority of what my body can and cannot do.

2. I seek to join in community with others to practice ITP, which can expand my experience, while maintaining my individual autonomy and authority.

3. I will practice the ITP kata at least five times a week; and, time permitting, I can lengthen any part of it that feels good to me. I also acknowledge that extended meditation at other times of the day is recommended.

4. I will include three hours of aerobic exercise every week, each in at least 20-minute increments of continuous movement. I also acknowledge that two to three strength-training sessions per week are recommended.

5. I am conscious of everything I eat.

6. I develop my intellectual powers by reading, writing and discussion, and seek to integrate cognitive understanding into my practice.