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Shades of Meaning

Color coordinated decorating ideas and what each color means.

Shades of Meaning
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Use this feng shui color guide to pick the best hues for your surroundings, then try these easy decorating ideas from Susan Levitt, a San Francisco-based feng shui consultant and author of Taoist Feng Shui (Destiny Books, 1999).


Color What it does Decorating tip
Red Invigorates; inspires passion and strength Adorn a room with red accents like pillows or ceramics.
Orange Stimulates; invites cheer and optimism Display a bowl of fresh oranges.
Yellow Uplifts; encourages creativity Use yellow dish towels or hang yellow curtains.
Green Harmonizes; symbolizes nature's abundance Invest in houseplants or put down a thick green area rug.
Blue Calms; generates a sense of hope Choose blue curtains, bed linens or carpet.
Purple Centers; supports wisdom and intuition Decorate with purple candles or artwork.
Brown Balances; creates a sense of security Set up a wood desk in you home office.