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Finding Flow

Learn the ancient exercise of tai chi to ease stress, tame tension, and calm your mind.

Finding Flow
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Ward Off
From step 1 of Commencement, shift your weight to your right leg. Let your hands float up the sides of your body until they reach shoulder height. Using the same bent-wrist position as in Commencement, let the fingers point out to the side. Extend your arms outward at shoulder height.

Lift your left leg off the ground while bringing both hands around in front of you as if you were hugging a tree. Your fingertips should come close together but not touch.

Place your left heel in front of you with the toes lifted. Extend your left arm and bend your wrist so the fingers point up. Let the fingertips of your right hand touch the pulse point in your left wrist. Lower your arms and repeat on the other side.

Brush Knee and Twist Step
From step 1 of Commencement, shift your weight onto your right leg and extend your left leg, heel down and toes lifted. Turn your waist 45 degrees to the right. Reach your left hand in front of you, palm down. Bend your right elbow until the palm faces back with the pinkie near your right ear.

Shift your weight to your left foot, placing the toes on the ground, and turn your waist to the left until it faces straight ahead. Begin moving the right hand forward, fingers first, as if you're going to spear something with your fingertips.

Continue to extend the right arm, pushing the pinkie edge of the hand forward. As you shift onto your left foot, the palm of your right hand moves until it's facing forward and your left arm is by your side, palm down. Lower your arms and step your right leg forward to return to step 1 of Commencement. Repeat on the other side.