Find Your Balance

Find Your Balance
1. BOSU SPORT BALANCE TRAINER ($60; provides a surface that is simultaneously shaky and safe—perfect for building the muscles throughout your core and legs that are responsible for holding you upright.
2. STEP-BY-STEP TAI CHI WITH TIFFANY CHEN DVD ($20; offers a thorough introduction to the practice of tai chi (known to improve proprioception) with 60 moves that are suitable for all ages and abilities.
3. FITTER FIRST CLASSIC BALANCE BOARD ($35; is lightweight and portable, so you can strengthen your ankles and improve your range of motion any time. The height is adjustable to accommodate all skill levels.
4. YAMUNA FOOT WAKERS ($42; are about the size of a tennis ball sliced in half, and they’re covered in bumps that help stimulate the proprioceptors and strengthen the muscles in your feet.
5. MBT TATAGA SHOE ($235; has a rocker-bottom sole that recreates the sensation of walking on uneven ground (if your balance is poor, use them only on fl at, safe surfaces) while promoting better posture and toning leg muscles.