Chair Exercise: The Wave

The next time you're sitting in front of a computer, pay attention to your posture: Most likely, you're hunched over the keyboard!

Chair Exercise: The Wave
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To relax your muscles and improve your posture, try this simple stretch from Jennifer McCasland Daly, founder of Kinespirit, a Manhattan-based studio specializing in gyrotonics (a blend of yoga, dance, and tai chi). It can be done while sitting-just make sure your feet are touching the floor.

The Wave

  1. Sit tall in your chair with your arms at your sides. (pictured above)
  2. As you inhale, slowly lift your chest and arch your back.
  3. Exhale and bend forward from the waist to come out of the arch. Continue to lean forward, and curl your spine over your legs, letting your arms dangle in front of you. Slowly release from the curled position and return to the center, sitting tall in your chair.
  4. Repeat the Wave three more times.



Benefits: Lengthens your spine and helps you stay limber.