The Magic of Yoga

The Magic of Yoga Turns out, the ancient practice helps you shed a lot more than just stress. Learn how striking a pose can slim you down.


Your Best Yoga

Your Best Yoga Which yoga style will help you achieve your goals? We walk you through 5 popular types.

Yoga for Sleep

Yoga for Sleep Doing Legs Up the Wall pose calms your nerves and encourages slumber.

The Power of Pilates

The Power of Pilates If you still haven’t joined the 8.5 million people who practice this popular training method, now...

Yoga for Stress

Yoga for Stress Do these 9 poses two to three times a week and immediately before any stressful situation to help...

8 Detoxing Yoga Moves

8 Detoxing Yoga Moves Skip the juice fast and the deprivation! This half-hour flow cleanses your body, leaving you calm...