Get a Ballet Body

Get a Ballet Body Want to be long and lithe? Do these six moves for just 10 minutes a day to sculpt your body.


Get Moving!

Get Moving! Want to lose weight and stay healthy without going to the gym? Then get up and get moving!

Yoga for Sleep

Yoga for Sleep Doing Legs Up the Wall pose calms your nerves and encourages slumber.

Sun & Moon Yoga

Sun & Moon Yoga Need to rev up or chill out? Try these 8 moves to rebalance your energy in minutes.

On a Roll

On a Roll Get the benefits of a private Pilates class, minus the price tag. Four reformer moves … on a...

Deep Extreme

Deep Extreme At Equinox, Deep Extreme instructors time moves to rhythmic, driving music like tribal house.

The Magic of Yoga

The Magic of Yoga Turns out, the ancient practice helps you shed a lot more than just stress. Learn how striking a...

Sweat Check

Sweat Check Is money the ultimate exercise motivator? We explore the spendy trend.