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In the winter I get frequent sore throats. What can I do?

Recover fast from a sore throat with homeopathic remedies.

In the winter I get frequent sore throats. What can I do?
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Lachesis is a good remedy if you have a sore throat that is predominantly on your left side and feels swollen (whether it actually is or not) and pain that is worse when you swallow saliva or hot drinks but better when you swallow cold things. Your pain is often worse at night and in the morning when first waking.

You should try Belladonna if your sore throat comes on suddenly, is very intense, and is worse on the right side. Your throat might be red and the glands in your neck might feel hot and swollen and may burn or throb with pain. Your throat may also feel constricted, and you may have difficulty swallowing.

If your pain is worse at night and at the back of the throat near the root of your tongue, your throat feels sore and hot and is dark red or bluish in color, and your tonsils are swollen, then Phytolacca might help. You may also feel a lump in your throat and intense pain shooting into your ears when you swallow.

Frequent or recurring sore throats are a sign of an imbalance in your body and indicate the need for a consultation with a homeopathic health care professional. To find a homeopath, contact the American Institute of Homeopathy (