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Which flower essence remedy is best for stress and anxiety?

Which flower essence remedy is best for stress and anxiety?
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Try Rescue Remedy. This multiflower formula by Bach is helpful for relief from stress and anxiety.

Take five for recovery. Rescue Remedy is made from the essences of five flowers: Cherry plum helps soothe out-of-control feelings; impatiens, aptly, is for frustration; the Star of Bethlehem can ease grief, sadness, and trauma; rock rose provides courage and peace of mind and helps with panic or terror; and clematis improves focus.

Results can be fast. Start by adding four drops of Rescue Remedy to any beverage and sipping at intervals throughout the day, or by taking four drops directly on your tongue. Repeat until you achieve the desired affect. You may notice an inner calming effect immediately. The formula comes in drops, spray, or cream, and can be found at most health food stores and online at

Try larch and elm. Individual essences can be used for more specific stressors. For example, elm is helpful if you are feeling overwhelmed. For anxiety due to a lack of self-confidence, try larch. Add two drops of individual essences to your beverage, sipping at intervals, or take two drops in your mouth a minimum of four times daily. You may notice results immediately, or it may take several days of repeated use. Individual essences may be found at health stores.

—Sue Denton, flower remedies practioner in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho