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What are the rules of the road for cyclists?

What are the rules of the road for cyclists?
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When biking, you need to think like a vehicle, not a pedestrian.

Stick to bike lanes or roads. Don't ride on sidewalks or in crosswalks—this makes it difficult for drivers to see you, especially when they’re turning.

Obey all traffic signals. Always ride in the same direction as traffic, and remember to bike in the appropriate lane, depending on the direction you’re traveling. If you’re turning left, merge into the left-turn lane. If you’re not turning right, get out of the right-turn lane.

Dress to be seen. Choose bright colors like yellow, orange, red, or pink, and add reflective stickers to your helmet.

Pay attention. Keep your eyes on the road. Be assertive, predictable, consistent, and visible.

—Lorri Lee Lown, personal trainer and founder of Velo Girls cycling club in San Francisco