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How can I prevent mold growth in my bathroom?

KEEP IT DRY—mold thrives on moisture, which accumulates easily in poorly ventilated bathrooms. Here’s what to do:

How can I prevent mold growth in my bathroom?
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NOW: Repair leaky pipes within 24 hours. Wash rugs and window curtains once a week to keep their fibers from trapping moisture. Replace plastic shower curtains with hemp, cotton, or linen ones; they allow air to penetrate so the curtain and stall dry faster.

AFTER A SHOWER: Towel off your shower door and walls and leave the bathroom door open. Keep the humidity in the bathroom between 30 to 50 percent by using a fan or dehumidifier or opening a window.

EVERY 3 YEARS: Have a mold remediator inspect your bathroom, or do it yourself with the Examinair Home Mold Test Kit ($400;

Caroline Blazovsky, certified mold remediator and president of My Healthy Home (, an indoor air-testing company