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Strong Bones

The star of TV’s <em>Bones</em> Emily Deschanel tells us how she balances new motherhood, a demanding career and a crazy amount of animal rights and humanitarian activism.

Strong Bones
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What other charities are you involved in?
I do some work with Women for Women International, which helps women rebuild their lives in war-torn countries. You can sponsor a “sister” in another country, send letters back and forth and support her as she learns new skills to help her earn a living. I focus on women in Congo, which has been described as the worst place in the world to be a woman. Women there face rape, dismemberment and murder; they’re forced to watch family members being killed.

I also did a Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (RAINN) public service announcement (PSA). We did episode of Bones about date rape. It’s a really important issue, and we have a lot of young viewers, so I wanted to help educate kids who have suffered that kind of abuse so they know who to reach out to.

What kind of exercise do you like to do, when you can squeeze workouts into your day?
I used to not be so into yoga, but I do enjoy it now, here and there. Whenever I can, I work out with a trainer or go to a spin class. And I used to do martial arts: karate mostly and aikido. I love anything where I get to kick and punch. It’s just so satisfying; maybe I have some aggression I need to get out!

You’ve expressed an interest in directing an episode of Bones. Is that still a possibility?
We’re going to talk about it at the end of this season. I have to see what Henry is like when he’s a few months into being 2. Like, is he sleeping well? Am I still breastfeeding? Which I plan to do until he’s 2. He comes first.

Do you still breastfeed Henry? Have you found it challenging?
It has stressed me out at times. Breastfeeding is always a beautiful challenge, but it’s totally worth it. I needed the help of lactation consultation, and it was difficult keeping my milk supply up when I had to pump thru a lot of feedings. I’m happy to talk about it, because I wish people had conveyed to me how hard it can be to pull off consistently; you really need to be committed to it.