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Warm Weather Tonics

Shaking off the sluggishness of winter requires some remedies to jumpstart the system and help adjust to the coming heat of summer.

Warm Weather Tonics
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Wild Herb Jello
No need for the box of food-imitating chemicals! This is the real deal and a wonderful refreshing digestive dessert to finish a meal with.

Jello Ingredients
2 cups herb infusion (see recipe below)
2 T dehydrated gelatin
1/4 cup raw honey to taste
Juice of one lemon
Optional: berries or other fruit to float in the jello

1. Strain tea and return to pot and reheat low to just before boiling.
2. Dissolve the gelatin into the tea, stirring often to discourage clumps.
3. Take off heat & stir in honey & lemon juice.
4. Pour mixture into bowl or mold and chill for 3 hours.

Herb Infusion Ingredients
4 tbsp freshly dried herbs of choice (such as ginger, hibiscus, mint, lemon balm, lavender, rose & hips, anise, hyssop, elderflower & berry)
2 qt. filtered or spring water
enamel or glass teapot or jar

1. Free the tea from bags if using.
2. Infuse herbs covered in just boiled water ideally for 8 hours (overnight) for strongest brew.