Warm Weather Tonics

Photography by: courtesy of Shutterstock

Kids and adults alike might like wild herb “jello” made by mixing dried gelatin and honey into an infusion of rosehips, elderflowers and hibiscus. Chill and serve. Very refreshing and the red color makes it look just like raspberry jello!

Keel recommended drinking small amounts of a tonic called kombucha tea. The fermented culture of bacteria and yeast (called a SCOBY) transforms black or green tea into a highly nutritious drink for liver detoxification. Kombucha tea’s anti-microbial properties are also thought to help prevent cancer.

Kombucha tea takes about 10 days to make and requires some degree of care in its preparation. Keel suggested drinking it as a digestive in the morning.

For recipes and to obtain a SCOBY, see sources below. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Keel directly.

To your health!