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True Ecotourism

What does “sustainable tourism” really mean?

True Ecotourism
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Green Globe ( is an independent certifying organization known in the industry for its stringent standards. It’s owned and operated out of Los Angeles by Guido Bauer, who is a former hospitality industry professional who helps travel venues become more sustainable based on social, economic, cultural and environmental considerations.

Terra Incognita Tours ( specializes in trips to far-flung places such as Rwanda, Tanzania, Belize and Madagascar. Gerard “Ged” Caddick founded the company in 2004 after having lived and worked in Belize for 12 years. His target audience is “nature enthusiast baby boomers who want to make a difference in the world.” “We’re about more than just visiting a country; we want to help the local economy and go that extra step.”

During one particular trip to Gombe, Africa, travelers were able to meet primatologist Jane Goodall and participate in one of her “Roots and Shoots” programs for children. Upon their return to the U.S., two participants continued to volunteer for Goodall, and one, who is a teacher, established a local “Roots and Shoots” chapter in her school.

Caddick also offers a tie-in to a fitness program, created by Marcus Shapiro, a former personal trainer, called ‘Fit for Trips’ which helps travelers get into shape. Participants receive a personalized online program designed for their itinerary, medical history and preferred workout (gym or home). It comes with detailed instructions and exercise videos. Shapiro points out, “If you’re going to spend thousands on a trip, you should prepare.” Caddick agrees: “The better shape you’re in, the more you will enjoy the trip!” was created by Irene Lane for families wanting to travel responsibly. She acts as the go-between for travelers and vetted programs throughout the world.

Yes, you can take your much needed holiday and do some good for the planet at the same time.

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