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Submerge Before Eating

Soak your grains, nuts, and beans.

Submerge Before Eating
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Rice is naturally gluten-free and lower in phytic acid than most other grains, but soaking it prior to cooking is still considered best for those with any type of digestive complaints.

The same techniques hold true for beans, nuts, and seeds. According to Chris Kresser, an acupuncturist and health columnist for the Huffington Post based in Berkeley, Calif., many people who consume a lot of these foods often feel a heavy sensation in their stomach after eating them and don’t realize that beans, nuts, and seeds can contain even more phytic acid than grains. He suggests soaking them for a minimum of 7 hours, followed by cooking, dehydrating, or roasting. (I recently purchased a dehydrator after finding it difficult to get the temperature down to required 150 degrees in my oven.)

There are many health practitioners who extol the virtues of eating nut butters and nut milks. It’s a good idea to make them at home to avoid unwanted additives. The nuts in commercial versions are usually not soaked first, and also contain ingredients like sweeteners and thickeners. If all this sounds like an awful lot of work, you may be right. Most people will feel better eating soaked grains, nuts and legumes, but others may not notice an improvement.

Experiment and listen to your body. That is the most important guide in any path to good health. To your health!

Weston Price 

Chris Kresser