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My Holiday Wish List

Here's an idea for each month of 2014.

My Holiday Wish List
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7. July I would love to do another trip with BACKROADS, the company that has been organizing bike and hiking trips for over 30 years. Their multisport to the Canadian Rockies was one of the best travel experiences in my life. I love the van that accompanies you in case you get tired. The food was great and you can eat lots because you’re active all day long. Sign me up for biking in Vietnam and Cambodia!

8. August Although I love to shop at farmer’s markets, the idea of home delivery of local, organic fruits and veggies is a great alternative. There are farm-to-door programs in almost every state. Google farm-to-door and your state or visit Local Harvest.

9. September A personalized breadboard would be a nice gift item (I hope my kids are reading this). If you want to be “green” and eat your bread too, check out this website to order a sustainable bamboo board.

10. October Want to chuck those toxic plastic containers, which you can’t even put in the dishwasher to reuse? I wrote a blog awhile back about the dangers of heating plastics. Here’s a great alternative to give yourself or the ones you love this holiday. Glass containers with stainless steel airtight covers.

11. November Have problems sleeping? How about an eco friendly mattress you can have for the next 30 years? Natural latex mattresses have a very long life, according to Cheryl Hahn, founder of Cozypure Mattresses. Her company not only makes organic mattresses, but also does so in an eco friendly way—their entire factory uses energy generated from wind turbines as well as an array of solar panels.

12. December I love wine and enjoy a glass with food, but since I carefully choose organic in my food why wouldn’t I want the same in my drink?  Join The Organic Wine Company club and get delivery every month. The club was founded by Veronique Raskin, who was born and raised in the south of France—she knows fine wines! Raskin says, “If you want to drink something good and do good for the earth, drink organic!”