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My Holiday Wish List

Here's an idea for each month of 2014.

My Holiday Wish List
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What’s on your holiday wish list this year? My ideas span the globe and cover each month of the coming year:

1. January Would you like to know what are in your cosmetics and hair care products? This one’s a freebie and you can send to all your friends and family. Download The Environmental Working Group mobile app for skin product safety ratings for 9,000 ingredients in your makeup. Hazard ratings within EWG's Skin Deep database are shown as low, moderate, or high concern categories, with numeric rankings spanning those categories that range from 0 (low concern) to 10 (high concern). I like Seaweed Bath Co’s hand butter for dry skin in the winter- EWG rates it as 0, the best possible rating for use of safe ingredients.

2. February This sounds just like what the doctor ordered to beat my winter blues. Take a botanical workshop in Kaua’i, Hawaii for one or two weeks from Feb 2-Feb 15, 2014. Artist, plant illustrator Wendy Hollender, who just illustrated Foraging and Feasting: A Field Guide and Wild Food Cookbook, all about wild plants and how to eat them is leading a series of workshops on the island. Appropriate for beginner as well as advanced students because everyone works individually. Accommodations are available at the National Tropical Botanical Garden Sign me up!

3. March I want to go to Natural Health magazine’s Wellness Weekend, March 13-16. It’s a weekend program for those seeking a getaway to rejuvenate their mind, body and spirit at an outrageous new oceanfront oasis—Rancho Pescadero—set on 15 beautiful acres in Baja California Sur, Mexico. Look for upcoming information on in early 2014 to sign up.

4. April Green lingerie doesn’t have to mean "not sexy" anymore. Stella McCartney has a line of very revealing organic undergarments for those who want to be x-rated yet sustainably oriented. Check out the styles on the Stella McCartney website.

5. May You many not have wanted to be reminded about slumping from your mother. But here’s a new product you’ll love to hate because it helps you avoid lower back pain after sitting all day at your computer. LUMOBack is a thin sensor band worn around your waist under your clothes and gently vibrates when you slouch. You sync it with your smartphone (only iphones so far) to keep track of steps taken, time spent sitting, calories burned, and even your sleep habits.

6. June For those of us who want to juice to get in shape for summer, but don’t want to spend the big bucks on a Vitamix, NUTRiBULLET ($120) is a super blender that works really well to not only pulverize greens, seeds and fruits, but, like the Vitamix, comes with a dry attachment to grind your organic grains like steel cut oats and quinoa to make gluten-free flour.