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Keep The Kids Moving This Summer

Ironically, summer can be a tough time to keep kids active because their day is less structured. Here's how to get them off the couch.

Keep The Kids Moving This Summer
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Likeable, energetic characters like outdoorsman Mr. Marc guide children through 30-minute adventures. Each episode takes kids on a global adventure and addresses health and wellness threats created by bad guy Mr. Lazé. Professor Maddison is the female deputy advisor who assigns Mr. Marc to his mission. A cartoon clock is Mr. Marc’s sidekick offering some comic relief and keeping kids laughing at his double entendres while they exercise.

Poor role model Mr. Lazé is humorously portrayed as: “ …Full of tricks, poor excuses and plain old bad ideas. I'm not fit, I like to whine and moan about exercise, I'll eat any old junk you put in front of me, and, frankly, I really don’t care to learn about healthy living. You adventurers and your pals Mr. Marc, Mr. Clock, Ener-gia, Acer and...and...what’s the girl's name again - right, Professor Maddison! You'll never make me transform my habits! You can' won' What was I saying? Ahhh forget it, I need to take a nap.

Presenting a positive role model, Ms. Ener-gia, an alter ego of Lazé, describes herself, saying, “I love to cook! Everyday I fuel my body and mind with creative and nutritious recipes. I think that eating is meant to give us energy and make us happy! So, in hopes of bringing more tastiness to your meals, I'm constantly concocting new recipes in the kitchen. I refine family favorites and simplify the process so it's easy for everyone to follow. When I'm not in the kitchen, my well-balanced meals are powering me through hours of dancing! I love to tango, salsa, meringue and cha-cha! Find inspiration for your own cooking adventures on my recipe pages.”