Ava Anderson: Natural Beauty

American women are exposed to a deluge of chemicals from daily use of traditional cosmetics and personal-care products. Ava Anderson offers safer alternatives.

Ava Anderson: Natural Beauty

NH: Ava, is it difficult navigating being a college student and managing a company?

Ava: I am a full-time student at Babson where I live in a special dorm for kids who are already doing things in the business world, called The Living Entrepreneurship Dorm, which makes it easier. Babson asked me to speak at a women’s leadership conference. I’ve done a lot of radio interviews too.

Kim: This past spring, Ava was asked by the Breast Cancer Fund and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics Act to speak to the House of Representatives. It was interesting and somewhat disturbing to see they had no idea whatsoever about this problem. Ava picked up some products from a local drugstore and pointed out the toxic ingredients in the products. They said they were going to change their own usage, but sadly they were not necessarily going to do anything more to help on a global scale.

NH: Where can people buy your products?

Kim: They can purchase Ava Anderson Non-Toxic products at www.avaandersonnontoxic.com. Ava created this line and decided to do it by direct sale. She’s enrolled 3,000 consultants around the country and Puerto Rico. We have “Ava parties” where consultants go to offices and homes to educate people about the dangers in conventional commercial cosmetics and about the truly natural and safe ingredients in Ava’s line of products.