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Ava Anderson: Natural Beauty

American women are exposed to a deluge of chemicals from daily use of traditional cosmetics and personal-care products. Ava Anderson offers safer alternatives.

Ava Anderson: Natural Beauty
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NH: What’s next for the company?

Kim: Our goal is to continue educating consumers. We hope to make more products too; we think we can make natural clothing without problematic dyes. We just launched a pet line with shampoo, conditioner and a hypoallergenic deodorizer spray that operates with enzymes and has no fragrance.

NH: Is there anything else you want to share regarding the dangers in cosmetics?

Ava: There are only 10 banned ingredients in the United States disallowed in cosmetic products. In Europe they have over 1,400 banned ingredients and if an ingredient is suspected, it is not used. American companies change their products’ ingredients to sell to the European markets. An example of a toxic chemical in many skin care products is retinal palmitate, a vitamin A derivative. The FDA did a study on it and found that in the presence of sunlight, it increases the risk of skin cancer. The results were released to the public, but still the ingredient was not banned. There is still a lot to be done in this field!

Kim: We are trying to force a paradigm shift … it takes time. With 3,000 Ava consultants and that number growing very fast, we know we can educate half a million American families this year; when we have 100,000 Ava consultants, we will educate millions annually. This is our goal. We take no salary—we founded this company solely to change the health and future of our world.

To your health!

*Note: The company sent me some products to try and I particularly liked the bug spray which I used with good success when I was in the country. The ingredient list reads like a herbal pharmacy, including organic aloe vera juice, organic lemon eucalyptus essential oil, organic lemongrass essential oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic peppermint oil, organic rosemary essential oil and organic catnip essential oil.